Ceilidh Dancing Option at Your Wedding Reception


Ceili Dancing

 Putting the FUN into Your FUNction! 

Have you considered including Ceilidh (Ceili) dancing in your evening's entertainment?
Would you like another element to your wedding entertainment to accomodate those not wanting to disco dance?
I can provide Ceilidh (Ceili) as part of your wedding disco. Ceili is fun and very inclusive; all guests from 9 to 90 can take part! (no experience needed)

Ceilidh Dancing

Ceili has been around for hundreds of years, but can often be more popular than last years R&B hits.
Never done Ceili dancing before? No problem! My partner Sandy introduces each dance, taking you through the steps, then calling directions throughout. The mood is kept lighthearted and is especially fun if you don't know your left from your right!

Ceilidh Dancing at Wedding

There are many advantages to me providing your Ceili. Here's just a few:
I take up a lot less space than a Ceilidh Band
As much or as little as you want; I can switch between Ceili and disco at the touch of a button

Ceilidh Dancing at a wedding
Your evening is seamless as there doesn't have to be a break for a band to set up
Excellent variety of dances played from good quality ceili band recordings
Experienced and personality caller (Sandy)

Ceilidh Dancing is just one of the many options you can choose, at no extra charge, when you book 5 Star Wedding Disco Entertainment.

Sandy will call the steps so you can look like you've been doing it for years!

You can include as many (or as few) of these additional options as you wish - all at no extra charge.

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