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1. What sort of music do you play?
Whatever you and you guests want to hear and dance to. I bring over 10,000 tracks to every event covering most genres from the 1940's to current chart music. Most of my functions are family events with an age range from children to Grand Parents so the music I would play reflects this.
2. Is the music loud?
I use professional equipment with the very latest audio system to ensure a clear, crisp sound at any volume. I keep the sound at a level that will allow your seated guests to talk comfortably and for people to dance to as well.

3. Do you take requests?
Yes! Prior to the event I will send you a 'Disco Planner' so that you can indicate your own favourite songs. You can also give your invited guests the opportunity to make advance requests, if you wish, and on the night of your function I place request slips on the tables for your guests so that they feel fully involved in the occasion.

4. How far in advance should I book?
I accept bookings up to 3 years in advance however most popular dates are normally booked up about 12 - 24 months ahead. If you do decide you want 5 Star Wedding Disco Entertainment for your event then the earlier you let me know the better chance you have that the date will be free*.

To find out if I am currently available for your date either use the Enquiry Form Here or phone/email. If I am already booked I may be able to recommend another member of the 5 Star Team.
*I receive up to 12 enquiries for some dates - the earlier you enquire, the better chance we're available.

5. Do you use smoke or strobes?
No, I do not use either at family events. If, however, you would like these at your function I would be happy to discuss their suitability with you (subject to venue approval).

6. What guarantee do I get that you'll be there?
My reputation! Once a confirmed booking is made I won't cancel it in favour of someone else. I will also send you a signed copy of the original booking form for your own records. I obtain most of my work from referrals made by satisfied clients based on good reputation for reliability and professionalism.

7. What are the games and do I have to take them?
You do not have to choose the games (or any other optional extras). If you would like to include them they last about 20 minutes and involve props that include: wigs, bibs, babies bottles, cream crackers, balloons, toilet rolls etc! I do need to know in advance if you would like games so that the equipment can be brought to your event.

8. What other options do I have?
You can also choose to have a 'Fun Family Quiz', Ceilidh Dancing, Childrens Entertainment or Fun Party Games. The family quiz will have rounds on general knowledge, sport, TV, music etc and normally lasts about an hour.
Karaoke can be either one session or split into several smaller sessions during the evening.

The Childrens Entertainment is designed to provide them with some activity before the main evening starts so that they can burn off some of their excess energy. Again I would need to know in advance if these are options you would want so that the necessary preparations can be made.

9. I see you also offer a Wedding Master of Ceremonies Service - what is this?
A 'Master of Ceremonies' (MC) is a person who is accustomed to public speaking and who makes all necessary announcements for your guests before, during and after the meal so that everyone knows what is happening and everything is co-ordinated.

Included with this service is the provision of background music during your meal and the supply of a public address system and a radio microphone for the speeches. There is an additional charge for this service. More information about the Master of Ceremonies service can be found Here

10. What do I need to do to book you?
Once you have made your decision to book 5 Star Wedding Disco Entertainment I will send you a booking form, either by email or post (or you can complete it on-line).

Simply return it with your deposit (or complete everything on-line) and that's it! I will send you back a copy of the form and a receipt for your deposit to confirm your booking.

11. How much do you charge?
The price is dependant on several things including times for disco, the services you require (ceremony, Master of Ceremonies, Disco etc) and distance to venue. Cost is obviously important but if your main criteria is finding the cheapest for your event then you may want to check the advice here first.

To obtain a 'no obligation' quote for your function go to the Enquiry Form Here. Feedback from previous clients and my own surveys indicate that my prices are very competitive for the professional service that I provide.

12. Can I come to see you to discuss my function?
Yes of course, we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet up and discuss your arrangements. If this is not suitable we can do it by phone or by email.

13. My question is not included above?
Simply send me an email with your question(s) or phone me. Details of contact numbers are Here

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