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Wedding Ceremony Music

 at Venues Across Northern Ireland 

The trend for couples to be married at the reception venue is becoming increasingly popular and the good news is that most venues are now licenced for this, saving you money.

Ceremony at Belfast CastleIf this is your choice then you will need to make arrangements for music during the ceremony because, as well as your 'Processional' and 'Recessional', there's also the 'Prelude' (before the ceremony starts) and the 'Interlude' whilst you and your witnesses are signing the register and having photographs taken. For each of these events you can create the right mood and emotion with your choices of music to enhance and personalise the occasion.

There are a number of options:

You could hire an organist or harpist. You could simply use a home CD player orYou could consider the following:which allows all your guests to hear the same level of music wherever they are in the room.

There is a restriction on religious music / Hymns during a Civil Ceremony. Apart from that you can choose to walk down the aisle to anything from the traditional 'Here Comes the Bride' to your favourite TV Theme tune! I can supply / source most music so you can make your Ceremony as individual and unique as you wish.

If you are expecting more than 100 guests at your ceremony you may also want to consider having a microphone available so that all your guests can hear your vows. We can supply an unobtrusive lapel microphone so that it doesn't intrude into your wedding photographs or video.

I have also used this system at religious ceremonies where either the organist has been unavailable or unable to play the selected music.

Bose sound system at wedding ceremonyTo show how 'unobtrusive' this equipment is I've added an arrow to indicate its' location at a wedding ceremony in the Old Inn, Crawfordsburn.
On this occasion it was used to provide background music before the ceremony, the Processional, Hymns (using pre-recorded organ music), the Interlude and Recessional. Most of the guests did not even notice its' presence but could clearly hear the results

This is definitely the most versatile option available and if you would like a quote for this service (with or without an evening disco) then please use the Enquiry Form Here or you can use one of the Contact Methods Here If you have already booked this option an on-line planner can be completed here.

A system that fills your ceremony location with elegant sound without intruding on the beautiful scene you have created (this one was taken at Phantom House, Galgorm Manor - the set-up is right at the back, can you spot it?)

A system that fills your ceremony with beautiful sound without intruding on the scene you have created (this one is at Phantom House, Galgorm Manor)

Hi Paul,

Thanks for doing the ceremony music it was great for us to not worry about it, I will be passing on your name to any other lucky couple.

All the best

Sarah and Ian

The unique design of the Bose professional speaker system makes it ideal for Wedding Ceremonies.

It's unobtrusive and fills the room with an equal sound. The 'magical' Bose L1 professional sound system

Can you spot the set-up in the two wedding ceremony photos on the left?

It's discreet and would normally be positioned behind your guests. A top of the range professional system from Bose, the sound quality is exceptional and has been favourably commented on by Registrars and Function Managers as being the best solution - oh and the guests like it too!

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