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 How to Minimise Problems 

Throughout this site I have (I hope) given you some positive images and ideas for your function. There is, however, one topic that I find it hard to be positive about.

I did think long and hard before including this subject on my site because I worried that it might be considered a scare tactic. That is not my intention, neither do I want you to think that it is a slur on all other DJs because there are many who do a professional job every week, some of whom I am proud to also call my friends.

The reason for adding this page came about after yet another phone call from a bride who had only 2 weeks to go until her wedding and was looking for a DJ. 'Why leave it so late?' I asked. 'We were paying a friend to do it but he's now decided he doesn't want to' - some friend eh? Now if this had been a small family party it wouldn't be a major disaster but when it's a big event like a wedding then I can sympathise with a very upset bride.

She'd probably already committed thousands of pounds and months (even years) of planning but had put the final part of her day in jeopardy. If this situation had been a one off then I wouldn't even include on it my site, but sadly it isn't. From talking to banqueting managers and from the calls I receive, I know that many other brides go through similar problems every week. The common factor with all of them is that they have either gone for the cheapest option they could find or asked a friend to do it - usually they have nothing in writing from the DJ either.

Now I appreciate that most people rarely hire a DJ and so, with the help of a DJ Association, I have included an Advice Page Here which you can use as a guide to help you choose your entertainment and avoid some of the pitfalls others have experienced.

Good luck.

PS This page is not here to boast my own business because I have to turn down more work than I take on. What these people (DJs) are doing though is bringing the whole industry into disrepute and the only way to deal with this is for clients to be aware and not book them in the 1st place.

I've searched the web for some useful money saving tips with regard to weddings - there's lots on just about everything but not much for entertainment - this is all I could find....

'Having a really expensive package doesn't mean that your party will last longer or that your non-dancing guests will feel the need to shake their booty for the first time in their life, but a crappy DJ or band will ruin your reception'

This short film is a a must see for anyone involved in planning a wedding reception involving the hiring of a wedding disc jockey. The B-Movie NIGHTMARE touches on the psychological impact of wedding reception entertainment and thankfully offers a solution to the age-old question: "Which DJ should I hire?"